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Bruce Green

Bruce GreenBruce Greene is one of the legitimate heirs to a cowboy kind of art legacy that traces its beginnings back to Charlie Russell.  It is a legacy that is tied hard and fast to a familiarty and feeling for ranch life reality and based on a bedrock of artistic accomplishment.

Way out in West Texas on historic ranches such as the JA and the Four Sixes, Bruce has discovered and tapped into a deep reservoir of cowboy reality.  He has enough artistic inspiration to last a lifetime.

Bruce has seen the sun come up between his horse’s ears on the backside of those big Panhandle pastures.  It is this privileged perspective that enables him to show us, through his art, the authentic essence of the contemporary cowboy.  There will come a time when the cowboys of today will look at Bruce Greene’s art and smile at the memory of the way their world once was.

Bruce was elected to membership in the Cowboy Artists of America in 1993 and has served terms as president in both 2002 and 2013.  He is very pleased to have received the Ray Swanson Memorial Award for his paintings ” When Freedom Isn’t Free” in 2007 and “In The Brazos De Dios” in 2012.  Bruce won the Traditional Cowboy Artists Association award for a work best representing the cowboy in 2010 with his sculpture “When The Bloom Is On The Beargrass” and in 2009 for his painting “In The Dust of Days Past”, which also received the silver medal for oils at the Cowboy Artists of America show.  Other CA awards include gold medals for drawing and other media in 2008 for “The Building Storm”, 2010 for “An Air of Ability”, 2013 for Brandin’ At The High Lonesome” and silver medal in drawings for “The Appearance of Promise” in 2012 and “Wet Blankets” in 2015.  His medals for sculpture include silver in 1996 for “The Courtship”, 2009 for “Flushed” and then the gold in 2012 for “Storm On The Plains”. 

Bruce and his wife, Janie, restored an 1883 farmstead outside Clifton, Texas in 1991 where they continue to enjoy the beauty and the people of the Texas hill country.  The old house is regularly filled with the sounds of family and friends. Their three children, with their spouses and now nine grandchildren know it as a home away from home.