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Chris Isaacs

chris-isaacsA three-time winner of the Academy of Western Artists “Will Rogers Award”, Chris Isaacs is a poet and storyteller who has lived the life that he writes about. He has seen life from a cowboy’s point of view for all of his 60-plus years, and his poems and stories are alive with the heart and humor of life from a cowboy’s point of view. He can usually find the funny side of any situation, and is considered by many to be one of the finest humorists in the country.

“It always bothers me that so many people seem to think that cowboy poetry is nothing more than funny stories and bad grammar. Nothing could be further from the truth. Good poetry is good poetry whether it is “The Ballad of William Sycamore” by Stephen Vincent Benet, “Maud Muller” by John Greenleaf Whittier, or “Anthem” by Buck Ramsey. The story of an American experience is being related, and if it is well written it should be recognized. Humor has always been a great part of the cowboy poetry genre, but those critics who say that is all cowboy poetry is, need to dig a little deeper.”

Chris has been published in numerous magazines, including American Cowboy, Western Horseman and Cowboy Magazine. He has two books of his work published, Bringing it Home, and Rhymes, Reasons & Packsaddle Proverbs. The latter was nominated for the “Western Heritage Award” by the Cowboy Hall of Fame and winner of the “Will Rogers Medallion Award for Excellence” by the Academy of Western Artists. He also has five albums of his poetry recorded. His album “Both Sides” was voted “Poetry Album of the Year” for 1997, by the Academy of Western Artists. In 2002, his album “Out With the Crew” was voted the same honor. 2005 found him the reciepient the Western Heritage Award by the Wickenburg Az CofC, the Gail I Gardner Award from the Arizona CPG and in 2009 he was inducted into the Arizona Culture Keepers.

Chris has worked at many different aspects of the cowboy life from being a full time working cowboy, to rodeoing, to many years as a packer. In between jobs you could usually find him making a living as a horseshoer. He has a passion for good horses and mules, and has even owned a good dog or two. He currently day-works for area ranches and travels the country with his poetry.