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Kristyn Harris

Kristyn Harris
Kristyn Harris, of Collin County, Texas, is noted for her shimmering vocals, swing rhythm guitar style, unique songwriting, award winning yodel, and captivating stage presence. Her singing has been praised as “timeless” with “the warmth and power of Texas sunshine”.

The now 22 year old started playing and singing when she was 14, drawn to songs of the western lifestyle because of her passion for the land and livestock. Along with horsemanship, she has ventured into the cattle business via a small herd of black angus, and these facets of her life commonly seep their way into her songs and shows.

In addition, her musical style finds heavy inspiration from the vintage arrangements, captivating chord structures and uplifting melodies that cornerstone the western swing genre.

She was named the 2014 and 2015 Western Music Association Female Performer of the Year,  and is the youngest in history to receive this honor. Her latest album, “Down the Trail”, was awarded WMA Album of the Year and her 2013 release “Let Me Ride” became WMA Cowboy Swing Album of the Year.

Kristyn is packaged with an energetic style that makes her love of what she does evident and contagious. As one venue put it:
”This bundle of energy and talent is ‘the rage’ on stage from the east coast to the west and if you can stay seated when she finishes her performance you’re prob’ly ’bout ready for the grave!!”