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Red Steagall Ranch Rodeo Rules (updated 4/26/2016)


Bronc Riding:
1. A bronc rider must be designated to represent each ranch. The same rider must ride in the short go and the long go unless injured. Any substitute rider for the short go must come from the original team members.
2. A stock saddle must be used and a single rein will be attached to the throat latch of the halter. Stock saddle to be determined at judge’s discretion.
3. Rider is required to ride for eight seconds.
4. Scoring is 1 to 25 for the horse from each judge based on how well the animal bucks and 1 to 25 from each judge for the rider based on how well he rides.
5. Re-rides will be awarded at the discretion of the judges.
6. Bronc rider is not allowed the use of a night latch or other special device. He is allowed to grip the saddle or saddle horn.
7. If the flank strap comes off the horse before the eight seconds has expired, bronc rider will have the option of a re-ride. The option for a re-ride must be elected immediately following the ride.
8. Bronc riders cannot carry anything in their free hand. No ropes, whips, quirts, etc. Also, no baby powder or any other substance can be put on the horse or used in any manner.

Team Sorting—5-man team—2 minute time limit:
1. This is a timed event with a 2 minute time limit.
2. Event requires cowboys to remove 5 cattle in specific numerical order.
3. Time begins when cutter moves across the time line, at which time a number is called.
4. 5 head of cattle must be cut from the herd in numerical order. Example “6”—cutter will cut 6,7,8,9,0.
5. Time stops when all 5 cattle are removed from the herd in order or when an animal crosses the line out of order or when previously sorted animal recrosses line back into the herd.
6. Fastest time with most cattle wins.
7. Herd holders can cross the line to assist the cutter but they cannot make a cut. When a herd holder makes a cut, the team will be disqualified.

Calf Branding – 2 minute time limit:
1. Event features all team members with 2 ropes, 2 muggers and a brander.
2. Time begins when the ropers cross the line to enter the herd.
3. Ropers will be given specific numbered calves to rope.
4. Each team will drag two calves.
5. The calves must be completely across the line before the muggers can take hold.
6. Each calf must be flat on his side and brand applied on the right hip between the pin bone and tail bone and must be legible.
7. The time stops when the brander returns to the designated area. However, the rope must be removed before the time stops.
8. Calves must be roped by the heels.

Maverick Branding—5 man team—2 minute time limit:
1. A herd of numbered cattle will be placed at one end of the arena.
2. Upon crossing the designated line, time begins and the number of your animal will be called.
3. Animal will be cut from the herd, driven across time line and roped around the neck.
4. No tripping or jerking down, animal must be on all 4 feet before mugging.
5. Animal will be mugged to the ground and tied by 3 feet.
6. Head rope and muggers must be clear of animal to release brander from starting circle.
7. Brander will place brand on right hip, between hipbone and tail head, and brand will be properly placed and legible.
8. Time will stop when the branding iron is returned to the bucket
9. Each ranch will furnish their respective ranch brand.
10. There will be a 10 second penalty for each undesignated animal that crosses the line before the designated animal.
11. Animal cannot be roped behind the line.
12. No time when animal gets untied before time stops, neck rope not clear of animal, brand not properly placed and legible, muggers or roper touch animal after they are clear or before time stops.
13. There is a three (3) loop limit.

Mutton Bustin’:
1. Contestants must be between ages of 5 and 7 and weigh less than 55 pounds.
2. Protective gear consisting of vest and helmet will be provided and must be worn.
3. Judges will be looking for how well a rider stays in control and how long they ride with an eight second limit.
4. Points are not awarded in the team standings for Mutton Bustin’.

Team Doctoring—2 minute time limit:
1. A herd of numbered cattle will be at one end of the arena, with cowboys entering from opposite end.
2. Upon crossing a designated line, time begins and a number will be called.
3. The objective is to cut the numbered animal from the herd, head and heel it.
4. Time stops when horses are facing each other in a straight line and the steer is stretched between them.
5. There will be a 10 second penalty for each undesignated animal that crosses the line before the designated animal.
6. There will be a 5 second penalty for catching only one hind foot.
7. Animal cannot be roped behind the line even if it is successfully separated, but then returns to the herd.
8. There is a 3 loop limit and the fastest time wins.
9. After catching the animal, a team must remove all ropes from the head and the heels before the time is official.
10. There is a 30 second penalty if they fail to do so.
11. Roper must rope the animal from the shoulders forward and has the option of dally or being tied on.

Wild Cow Milking—2 minute time limit:
1. All team members will participate.
2. Roper must rope the cow from the shoulders forward and has the option of dally or being tied on.
3. The team will be disqualified if the cow is jerked down or tripped.
4. Muggers hold the cow while the milker milks into a bottle.
5. The rope must be removed before the milker crosses the line to stop the clock.
6. Milk must pour from the bottle or the team is disqualified.
7. Three loop limit
8. Milk bottle can be delivered on foot or on horseback.
8. Cow must be standing while milked.