Youth Events

Young Writers’ Cowboy Poetry Contest

Check back after Red Steagall’s 27th Annual Cowboy Gathering for this year’s winners!

Youth Poetry Winners

        Red Steagall’s 29th Annual Cowboy Gathering winners!                                                            2019 Youth Poetry Contest Winners                     …

Youth Poetry Entry Form

2021 Youth Poetry Contest   Thank you for taking an interest in the Youth Poetry Contest! RSCG poetry entry form and letter

Chuck Wagon

Red Steagall’s 29th Annual Cowboy Gathering 2019 Youth Chuck Wagon winners! Meat: 1st Lillian Ford , 2nd Brody Long, 3rd Josie Hartman Dessert: 1st Sheridan Van Blarcom, 2nd Hayden Head, 3rd Brody Long PAST YOUTH CHUCK WAGON WINNERS YEAR CATEGORY 1st PLACE 2016 Dessert Emily Crites 2016 Meat  Josie Hartmann 2015 Dessert 2015 Meat 2014 …

Youth Chuckwagon

YEAR CATEGORY 1st PLACE 2018 Dessert Case Wisdom 2018 Meat Landrie Payne 2014 Dessert Marci Wisdom 2014 Meat Kadyn Barrera 2013 Dessert Miya Cantwell 2013 Meat Shelby Davis 2011 Dessert Austin Lamb 2011 Meat Finis Smith

Fiddle Contest

2018 Fiddle Contest winners for scholarships: Junior Divison: 1ST PLACE: Cody Conner 2ND PLACE: Mary Joyner 3RD PLACE: Kace Liska   Senior Divison: 1ST PLACE: Nathan Pedneault 2ND PLACE: Christiana Nugent 3RD PLACE: Jenna Lamb PAST WINNERS    Junior Division Senior Division Year Place Name Name   1 Cody Conner Nathan Pedneault 2018 2 Mary …